Time Trials

Sedgefield Striders meet on Wednesday evenings for 5km time trials and fun walk/ run at the Sedgefield Bowling Club. Starting times vary according to the season. Beginners are assisted with a training program that allows them to start with shorter distances.

Summer: Runners  and Walkers 17:30 (October to May)

Winter: Runners and Walkers 17:15 (June to September)

Social training

Runners and walkers meet on Saturday mornings for less formal training (meeting venues and routes are confirmed by the Walking and Running Captains on the Friday). Starting times vary according to the season, the two groups choose their own distance and route. Runners are generally in training for the next big race so distance varies while walkers normally walk 10 – 12 km.

Walking Captain contact details:  Doris Nayler on 083 993 6340.

Running Captain contact details:  Bomber Webb on 072 516 4701.

Summer: Runners 06:30, Walkers 07:00.  The Saturday training sessions often culminate in a good breakfast at one of our local coffee shops where the topic of the day can vary from politics to the latest in running shoes!

For starting times, distance and routes, you can ask the relevant captains to include you onto their WhatsApp group where weekly updates are given.


Sedgefield Striders maintains a running and walking ladder which is updated on a monthly basis. See here

Training programs and stretching techniques

Tried and tested training programs and stretching techniques are available from members of Sedgefield Striders or links to the following websites, training and stretching. These cover all manner of distances and experience of athletes taking part. Secret recipes on what to eat/not to eat before races, can generally be obtained from members who frequent the weekly socials after time trials!